The impact people like Magic Steve as a producer and Valerie from the Cheese Shop as supplier have made is immeasurable. To follow is a list of producers and suppliers that I have personally been involved with over the years and that have been instrumental in my growth in the industry. Also you will find a list of markets that could be interesting to visit from a fresh produce point of view.

Producers & Suppliers

SASSI - The South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative

Being from Walvis Bay originally I have a thing about fish. Catching it, cooking it and obviously eating it... it is one of my first experiences with food and cooking. I remember catching a Galjoen at Wlotzkasbaken area, cooking and eating it pretty much myself. I was about 5 or so. Pleas have a look at the SASSI website for all updated species that are on the green list for eating


Hester and her son Gus are producers of some of the best yoghurts I have tasted in a long while. A small producer close to Joburg, they also have great cheeses, specifically there Parmesan styled cheese.

La Marina Foods

Kirsten and family have been my savior on numerous occasions since moving to Jozi. They can find you anything you need and the service outstanding. They also have a great shop and restaurant open to the public for all those difficult to come by products you may need.

Buffalo Ridge Mozerella

Wayne is one of those guys that needs a very big medal for sticking to his guns and producing some of the best mozzarella this country has seen. Just ask my friend Miki Ciman.

Wild Peacock (Sue Baker)

Sue and Ross Baker certainly need no introduction. I have been dealing with Sue down in the Cape for years and she really stands by her product and the quality thereof. Sarah, her daughter, has now opened a deli by the same name in Stellenbosch where you can get all the specialty products over the counter.

Richard Bosman's Quality Cured Meats

I have not been dealing with Richard for very long, only since coming to Jozi really but the charcuterie is of a very high standard and available to all over the counter at certain selected delis and also markets.

Moreson Bread

Neil is a guy I have huge respect for. A chef that runs a restaurant, a busy restaurant at that, and an award winning one too. In his spare time he makes the most unbelievable charcuterie.. a man with more passion I have yet to meet. Love your work mate!!!

Urban Sprout (Magic Steve)

Steve the magic man is another guy who needs no introduction. He has been producing micro greens before anyone and supplies fresh horseradish, anise root, parsley root etc. When he answers his phone and you ask how he is, he answers "e;I'm like magic..."

Shaikh's Exotics

I have been buying specifically my seafood masala blend form this company for more than 15 years. They obviously do all the spices etc. and things like dates, pistachios etc. I am still using them in Jozi, we fly the masala mix up monthly.

Bill Riley Family Butchers

Dave and Rob Riley and the whole family have been running this butchery for many years started by there father. Like any family run business, the service and quality is great and you can actually talk to them. Thanks guys.

Pasture Reared Food (Angus McIntosh)

As with Neil Jewel, Angus Macintosh is a farmer who not only really believes in sustainable farming, but lives by it to. I was, as have most chefs, been invited to his table and eaten with his family. They built there own house and live by the same morals they farm by. Not many do.

Culinary Equipment Company

Wehrner and his family are all involved in his business. And when you pop over to Lanseria and walk into his showroom you can quickly see how serious he is about food and cooking thereof. All the latest cooking techniques are catered for and he travels a few times a year so is really up to date on what is going on in the food scene internationally. And this is his hobby by the way… they also have a few showrooms around the country.

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