Recipes & Books

Over the years I have experienced and gained so much from the industry, meeting suppliers, producers and fellow chefs along the way who have all become great friends. I wanted a way to say thank you and give the 'smaller' guys an opportunity to introduce themselves to both ends of the market. Obviously not only the smaller guys but also the 'bigger' guys who trusted me over the years and helped me build my businesses too.

Having never worked abroad, most of the guests that eat with me have come to know and trust me, thankfully, and have also become friends. It's a space to keep everyone abreast of what I am up to and also what is happening in the industry.

I have also always wanted to write a book, but have always struggled with a concept. The last thing I want to do is bring out just another cookbook. So I decided I would rather invest in a site that could bring just as much pleasure and info, if not more, to the both of us. Enjoy this experience with me.