Mile 8 by David Higgs

7 tasty South African cookbooks

Chef and co-owner of two Joburg top restaurants Marble and Saint, David Higgs is a well-known personality who has shaped many young chefs kitchen careers. He is also a TV star, after a stint as a judge on the popular My Kitchen Rules. His two Joburg restaurants Marble in Rosebank and Saint in Sandton are both must-visits. 

His book Mile 8, launched in 2019, is an amazing record of his life in the kitchen and to some extent a recipe for a life. 
Its more than 330 pages are jammed with all the ingredients that create meaning – from success and failure, to family and memories of childhood, experiences and stories of relationships that have sustained a life in the kitchen and of course, recipes. 

The book is weighty, beautifully shot and full of recipes that Higgs urges you to use your common sense to handle. If the ingredients or techniques get tricksy leave those out, he says. He is a big believer in using ‘common sense’ to cook (“cooking is 10% skill”). The recipes span all courses and are incredibly generous in scope – with a section devoted to kitchen fundamentals that includes everything from his Grandma’s chutney to basting sauce, pickling to purees.

In all it’s a great read, plentiful eye candy and a treasure trove for cooks. 

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