David Higgs On His First Recipe Book & The One Meal He Regrets Not Cooking

Celebrity chef David Higgs’ cookbook ‘Mile 8’ reads like a biography peppered with beautiful recipes. 

In the book, you’ll discover that his story started in a small coastal town in Namibia, and he shares intriguing tales of his journey to becoming an award-winning chef and respected Joburg restauranteur.

He tells us more:

I’ve been thinking about doing a book for a while. It was a big thing for me, and first and foremost I didn’t want to do just another cookbook. I wanted something essentially different and catchy. I never meant it to be this personal.

About five years ago I underwent a major operation and went to Namibia to recuperate. It was the longest time I’ve been off work and while I was there the thought processes and stories of growing up in Walvis Bay, you start remembering a lot of things. I jotted all the stories down.

‘Mile 8’ really just darts around. My attention span is short and I start telling one story and end up in another story, so it’s pretty much how the book is – and how the stories are told. The stories are short, punchy and pretty descriptive – and they talk like I talk, really.

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